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5 Signs You Need Gutter Cleaning

5 Signs You Need Gutter Cleaning

1. Water in the Walls

If you notice wet spots on your home’s walls, a trickle of water running down the wall, or a brown water stain, the first thing you should do is call for gutter cleaning. By the time you notice water on your walls or see water stains, there has most likely already been a significant amount of water leaking into the structure of your home. As soon as you notice water in the walls, eavestrough cleaning is the first thing you should call for.

2. Bulging Gutters and Downspouts

If you notice visible bulges in your gutters or downspouts, this is an indicator that your gutter is clogged and you need gutter cleaning services. The clog could be caused by the bulge, or by backed up water or melted snow. In any case, the bulge is putting strain on your existing gutters and causing a backup in the gutter system. The pressure from the clog will eventually cause the gutter to crack or break. If you notice a clog, you should contact a professional right away.

3. Plants Growing in Your Gutters

The most obvious tell that you need gutter cleaning is if you see plants or weeds growing from your eavestroughing system. Gutter cleaning professionals can use a gutter vacuum to get those plants out of there so they don’t grow over your gutters and clog them. They can also install a leaf guard to prevent leaves and other vegetation from growing inside your gutters.

4. A Waterfall of Rainwater

If your downspouts are spraying out a waterfall every time it rains or snow melts, you may require a downspout extension, a new downspout or rain gutter cleaning. A waterfall of water indicates a clog in the downspout and that the water is being pushed out, most likely through a crack in the gutter. If you don’t take care of it, you could be looking at an expensive gutter replacement in the near future.

5. Birds or Pests on Your Roof

If you see or hear small animals running around on your roof or near your gutters, you should have your gutters cleaned by a professional to remove the vegetation and other debris that the animals are using as bedding and food. A roof cleaning can also help get rid of the animals by removing the items they need to survive. After hiring a professional gutter cleaner, it’s a good idea to install a gutter guard or a leaf filter to avoid having to install a completely new gutter system to keep those critters out of your gutters.

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