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Frequently Asked Questions About Eavestroughs

Frequently Asked Questions About Eavestroughs

Are eavestroughs necessary?

While they can be difficult to clean, especially if there are trees nearby, eavestroughs are a must-have. They safeguard your home by diverting rainwater away from its valuable components. They also prevent moisture from entering the roof and divert water away from the basement and foundation.

How long does eavestrough last?

The majority of eavestroughs are constructed of one of three materials: copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum. Galvanized steel and aluminum eavestroughs typically need to be replaced every 20 years, whereas copper eavestroughs can last for more than 50 years with proper care.

Can eavestrough be painted?

Yes, eavestroughs can be painted. When painting your gutters, you need to use a good primer and properly prepare the area before painting. When selecting a type of paint for your gutters, look for acrylic paint, especially for aluminum gutters. Look for a satin or semi-gloss finish in a colour that complements your home. You should paint them with two coats of paint for maximum durability.

Can eavestrough be installed in winter?

While gutters can be installed in the winter, we recommend waiting until spring.

Can mice climb eavestroughs?

Mice are excellent climbers, and they can easily climb up downspouts and along gutters to gain access to any gap or opening near your home’s roofing system. A tip to keeping them out is to install hardware cloth or chicken wire around the downspout’s base. You should clean and remove the barrier on a regular basis.

What size eavestrough do I need?

When considering a new eavestrough system, one of the most frequently asked questions is which size is appropriate for my home. Today, the most common size is 5 inches wide. With a few exceptions, this will cover almost all residential applications.

What is eavestrough cleaning?

Your eavestrough is your home’s water management system. Gutter cleaning ensures that your gutters are operating at maximum efficiency, directing water away from your home. When your hire a gutter cleaner, they will clean out all the debris in your eavestrough to make a clear path for water to flow.

What is a seamless eavestrough?

Seamless eavestroughs have no seams and are said to have no leaks. They are one solid piece of eavestrough that runs the length of your home.

When to replace your eavestrough?

Knowing When It Is Time to Replace Your Eavestroughs

  1. Water leaking from seams, corners, joints.
  2. Obvious signs of rust or holes in the material.
  3. Pinhole leaks along the base of the eavestroughs.
  4. Beads of moisture on the exterior face of the gutters.
  5. Any evidence of rotting or mold on the fascia or soffit.

How do I stop my eavestrough from dripping?

Here are just five simple ways to protect against leaking eavestrough before the rainy season.

  1. Ensure you have the Ideal size gutters. 
  2. Unclutter your eavestroughs. 
  3. Seal any cracks. 
  4. Realign the machine. 
  5. Install gutter protection.
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