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Eavestroughing is a component of the home that many homeowners overlook until it’s too late, at which point they learn that thousands of dollars in water damage was caused by nothing more than neglect of their eavestrough system. The best defence against water damage to your roof and home structure is to keep your gutter system clean. It’s recommended to clean your eavestroughs and downspouts three to four times a year, but they must be cleaned at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. A&K Gutter offers an affordable gutter cleaning service for homes all over Ontario.

The Risks of DIY Gutter Cleaning

As a home or business owner, you know that DIY gutter cleaning can be a dangerous, tedious, and laboursome task. It can be hazardous to your home and yourself. To begin with, climbing a ladder to unclog your eavestroughing is extremely unsafe. Your eaves may not be securely fastened and can be dangerous to rest your ladder on. This can lead to costly eavestrough repair or even a trip to the hospital if you rely on a faulty gutter.

We understand you take pride in your work around the house, but the risk is simply too great. Instead of chancing a hospital visit or worse, let us handle it. Our crew has over 10 years of experience not just in providing excellent customer service, but also in providing high-quality gutter cleaning services. We provide same day eaves cleaning and take all the debris with us, so your property is left spotless.

You might not believe it will make a significant difference, but once you see your house with brand new-looking, gleaming eavestroughing, it will never look or function the same. To learn more about our gutter cleaning pricing, give us a call or fill out our form.

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gutter cleaning services before and after
gutter cleaning services before and after

All Season Eavestrough Cleaning

Whatever the season, your entire gutter system is vulnerable to all forms of debris and outside elements, which is why A&K Gutter Service provides all season eavestrough cleaning services. From falling leaves in the fall to snow freezing in the winter, overgrown tree branches can lead to blocked gutters, gutter repair, and even gutter replacement in certain circumstances.

The purpose of eavestroughs is to direct rainwater to a safe location away from your home. However, when the guttering system gets blocked, it can fulfill its purpose. Blockages can lead to an overflow of water which can potentially pool around your foundation. It could then seep into the basement or crawl space, causing costly damage.

When your eavestrough gets blocked, don’t pay for a new gutter install, but instead hire our complete gutter cleaning service. Our gutter contractors clean your gutters and take all the debris with us, so there's no mess left behind. We remove all the leaves and dirt that has accumulated over time and make a clear path for water to flow.

What is Included in our Gutter Cleaning Service?

When it comes to gutter cleaning, we have a comprehensive cleaning list we follow:

  • Examine the eavestroughs
  • Clean out all debris and leaves.
  • Tighten any loose screws or nails.
  • Clean out the downspouts.
  • Rinse the eavestroughs and downspouts thoroughly.

We not only clean your eavestroughs, but we also wash your downspouts and perform small repairs when needed. Our gutter cleaners will need access to your outside hose to ensure that all the leaves and debris can be removed. Other than that, we all all the proper gutter cleaning tools to get the job done. Once again, we will take all the garbage with us so no mess is left behind. 

professional eavestrough cleaning
professional eavestrough cleaning

Rain Gutter Cleaning

We strive to be the most reputable and trusted eavestrough company in the Quinte area.

Eavestrough Service Area

A&K Gutter has a large service area. We serve Port Hope to Marmora to Kingston, and every town in between. While we are located in Belleville, we are committed and will make the commute to provide customers with the best gutter installation, repair, cleaning, and guards in Ontario. Here is a complete list of our service area:


Got a question? We're here to help!

How do you know when to clean your gutters?Here are six indicators that your gutters need to be cleaned or fixed.
1. The gutters are overflowing with rainwater.
2. The gutter is sagging.
3. You're staining your siding.
4. Standing water at the foundation of your property.
5. Critters are making their way into your gutters.
6. Birds are flocking to your gutters.

How often should you clean your eavestrough?We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year, but doing it three-four times is ideal. You should always perform gutter cleaning in the fall and spring. If you have pine trees or a lot of leafy trees on your property, you should clean it more often.

Why hire a gutter cleaning professional?There are many reasons to hire a gutter cleaning professional. The main reasons are that homeowners don’t have to perform the dangerous task themself and professionals have all the proper gutter cleaning tools. 

To do the job properly, you will need:
- An extension ladder
- Standoff stabilizers
- A tarp, hose, and spray nozzles
- Gloves, masks, and potentially goggles
- A leaf blower, pressure washer, and sometimes a plumbers snake tool

What is gutter cleaning in Ontario?Gutter cleaning in Ontario is the removal of debris, dirt, and leaves from your gutters and downspouts, which clog your gutter system and prevent rainwater from flowing freely from the roof to the ground. The debris is usually scooped by hand. At A&K gutter, we take all the debris with us after a gutter cleaning job is completed so no mess is left behind.

Is gutter cleaning necessary?Yes, gutter cleaning is necessary to keep your gutters flowy freely and working properly. Without cleaning your gutters, you risk your eavestroughs becoming clogged which can lead to costly water damage to your property. Best practice in Ontario is to clean your gutter system twice a year, in the fall and spring.

Does gutter cleaning include downspouts?Cleaning downspouts is usually included in gutter cleaning, however each gutter cleaning company is different. Most often, the gutter system is the part that becomes clogged and needs attention. The downspout doesn’t need as much maintenance.

Do gutter cleaning tools work?There are many gutter cleaning tools on the market today, but do they all work? A leaf blower is a viable option for those who need to clean their gutters but want to keep two feet on the ground. If you go this route, make sure the tool, such as the Toro gutter cleaning kit, can actually reach your gutters. A nozzle, a shoulder strap, and five extension tubes are included. Other gutter cleaning tools include:
- Pressure washer
- Vacuum cleaner
- Leaf blower
- Gutter cleaning kit

Can you clean your gutters from the ground?If you don't want to use a ladder, invest in a gutter cleaning kit. They simply connect to your hose or pressure washer and allow you to reach up and hook the tip into your gutter, rinsing out any debris while remaining safe on the ground.

What time of year should you get your gutters cleaned?Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, you should clean your gutters at least twice a year, preferably in the early spring and early fall. Cleaning out your gutters in the early spring will prepare them for the heavy rains that come with the season.

How long does gutter cleaning take?If you opt for DIY gutter cleaning, it can take several hours to finish cleaning your gutters. However, if you hire a professional, they'll be able to complete the job much faster. For a small home, gutter cleaning may only take 30-60 minutes to complete.

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