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Affordable, Same Day Leaf Guard Installation

Gutter protection is the process of installing systems and products that prevent gutter clogging and breakage. The most common type of eavestrough protection is gutter guards. Gutter guards, also known as leaf guards or guard covers, work to keep debris out of eavestroughs and downspouts. They function by restricting outside elements from entering your gutters, but still allow water to flow through. As a result, the guards will lower the amount of gutter cleaning you need which will save you money in the future.

There are numerous types of gutter guards on the market. Most are commonly made of vinyl, pvc, steel, aluminum and even copper. The normal aluminum gutter has a life expectancy of 20-30 years, depending on maintenance, upkeep, and weather conditions. There are several issues that can arise that will require gutter replacement:

  • Splitting seams 
  • Ice development
  • Pest infestation
  • Storm and tree damage
  • Damage caused by ladders
  • Stains and rust

Once you have installed a gutter guard, you should only need very little to no eavestrough maintenance. Leaf guards do an excellent job of keeping eavestroughs flowing freely. If you have large trees in your yard, gutter guards will save you time and effort by preventing your troughs from becoming clogged. A&K Gutter is happy to give you free estimates and we'll formulate an action plan to protect your gutters from damage and clogging.

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gutter guard installation services
gutter guard installation services

Full-Service Gutter Guard Installation

No one enjoys cleaning out their eavestrough. It is a time consuming and frustrating job that homeowners frequently put off. However, pushing this problem to the side only makes it worse. Gutters act as a waterproofing system for your property and direct rainwater to a safe location away from your home. Without proper cleaning, your eavestrough can get clogged which allows the rainwater to seam into your foundation. 

You might be wondering what's the solution? Well, you could simply commit to cleaning your gutters more often, but no one has time for that. Instead, you can be like most wise homeowners and get gutter guards installed. A&K Gutter offers affordable gutter guard installation for homes all over Ontario.

When you make the decision to install leaf guards on your home, you are making a cost efficient and labour-saving investment. Installing gutter guards on your eavestroughs keeps them clear of leaves and debris and guarantees that they function properly throughout every season. Even snow won’t be able to enter into your eavestrough which allows water to always flow freely.

Leafguard Installation Process

A well-functioning eavestrough system is your first line of defence against water damage, and a good leaf guard system can keep debris and plant life from clogging your gutters and generating problems that can cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

When it comes to a gutter guard installation project, we take many factors into consideration. Before starting, we clean and reline your gutters, ensure they are properly fastened to the fascia board, and make sure they are sloping towards the downspout. Gutter guards are also rarely one size fits all, so we always measure precisely before installing. 

leaf filter repair and installation
leaf filter repair and installation
Gutter Guard Repair

Gutters commonly get clogged with leaves and other debris. With the help of a leaf guard, your eavestroughs will be protected from outside elements. However, just like any device in your home, gutter guards can get clogged or broken and require repair. When your leafguard needs repair, reach out to our A&K Gutter contractors. We have lots of experience providing gutter guard repair and can get your eavestroughs fixed in no time. 

When performing a leaf filter repair, we examine the damaged area and determine a gutter fix solution. Typically, we start the process by carefully removing the damaged section and then replacing it with a brand new gutter guard. We make sure the seams are compressed together and the guard is fastened on tightly. Our contractors also make sure the new guard matches the existing slope of the gutter.

Gutter Cover Services in Ontario

We strive to be the most reputable and trusted eavestrough company in the Quinte area.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards provide many benefits for the homeowners that choose to install them on their property. They significantly reduce the amount of maintenance needed on your home and prevent you from having to perform the dangerous and expensive task of gutter cleaning. Besides requiring less maintenance, gutter guards also provide many other benefits.

Fire Protection

Is your house in a region prone to bushfires? If this is the case, gutter guards will provide additional fire protection for your property. As we all know, embers can quickly travel a significant distance during a fire. When those embers come into contact with the dry leaves and debris stuck in your gutters, they can easily ignite and start a fire. Gutter guards protect your home by acting as a physical barrier between debris and lit embers. They also prevent leaves from accumulating in the first place.

Prevents Insect and Roden Infestation

One of the key benefits to gutter guard installation is that they prevent rodents and insects from nesting in your gutters. Gutters are a great place for birds to build their nests. These nests will block the water flow and potentially cause water damage to your home. Gutters can also be a great breeding ground of insects. However, installing leaf guards will stop birds and bugs from having the chance to live in your gutters. They also act as a barrier for rodents trying to get past the fascia and into the roof of your home.

Saves Time and Money

If you have eavestroughs without leaf guards, you are aware of the maintenance they require. At least a few times a year, gutter cleaning is needed to keep your troughs functioning properly. Whether you spend your own time cleaning your gutters or hire a professional, it is money wasted. Gutter guards require very little maintenance and keep debris from gathering and clogging your gutters. There's no need for constant cleaning fees, which saves you time and money.

Even with gutter guards, some debris will inevitably accumulate on the tops of the leaf guards. However, gutter guards are far easier to clean than digging into clogged gutters to remove handfuls of twigs, seeds, leaves, and elements. All that is required is a quick brush of the top and they are working again.

Imporves Water Flow and Stops Blockages

Installing gutter guards can improve the flow of water through your downspouts and gutters by preventing them from becoming clogged. This is a great advantage of gutter guards, especially if you have a rainwater tank (aka rain barrel). When it rains, the guards will help your tank replenish faster. Your tank's water will be cleaner and more purified of pollutants and particles.

How to know if your gutters are blocked? If your eavestroughs overflow during severe rains, they are likely clogged or blocked and would benefit from gutter guards. Overflowing gutters are dangerous because they allow water to cause foundation damage or allow water to enter your property. Additionally, overflowing gutters can cause unattractive stains on the exterior of your home. Thankfully, leaf guards can be installed and these problems can be avoided.

Stops Premature Rust and Corrosion

When moisture ridden leaves and debris accumulate in your gutters, it increases the probability of rust and/or corrosion occurring. Leaf guards are intended to keep leaves, pine needles, and other elements out of your gutters. As a result, gutter guards can help extend the life of your eavestroughs by preventing rust and corrosion.

Professional Leaf Filter Installation in Quinte

We strive to be the most reputable and trusted eavestrough company in the Quinte area.

Eavestrough Service Area

A&K Gutter has a large service area. We serve Port Hope to Marmora to Kingston, and every town in between. While we are located in Belleville, we are committed and will make the commute to provide customers with the best gutter installation, repair, cleaning, and guards in Ontario. Here is a complete list of our service area:


Got a question? We're here to help!

Are gutter guards worth it?Gutter guards can perform an excellent job of keeping gutters clear. If you have large trees in your yard, gutter guards will save you time and effort by preventing your gutters from becoming clogged.

Can gutter guards cause leaks?Do gutter guards contribute to leaks? When gutter guards are properly built and installed, they should not cause any problems. Unfortunately, some gutter guard installation companies frequently cut corners or sell gutter guards that do not operate properly, resulting in leaks and damage. A&K Gutters is not one of these companies. Our dedicated and hardworking contractors don’t cut corners and ensure your gutter guards are securely installed.

Can gutter guards be removed?To remove a gutter guard: Examine the guards to see if they are snapped into place or if they are kept in place using screws. Clear the debris. With a screwdriver, loosen screws or pry apart snapped-together edges. To avoid bending gutter guard parts, lower them gently to the ground as you remove them away.

Do gutter guards cause icicles?The truth is that icicles are produced by ventilation and insulation problems in your attic. When gutter guards are installed in your home, you may see additional icicles, but the guards are not the cause of the icicles.

Can gutter guards get clogged?Even fine stainless steel mesh gutter guards will eventually become clogged. In fact, the smaller the openings in your gutter guard, the more prone to clogging it is.

Can gutter guards be installed on existing gutters?A gutter guard is normally built of metal, plastic, brush, or foam and is installed in or on top of your existing gutters. Without gutter guards, your gutters are likely to become blocked with leaves, pine needles, dirt, twigs, and other debris.

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?Gutter guards do work in heavy rain, as long as you pick the right one for the job. For the best Belleville gutter cleaning and guard tips, call our contractors today.

What gutter guard is best for pine needles?The best gutter guard for pine needles is micro-mesh. This sort of gutter guard is made of fine stainless steel or vinyl mesh that can stop pine needles as well as particles as fine as sand while still allowing water to pass through.

How do gutter guards work?Gutter guards, sometimes known as gutter screening, helmets, or coverings, are supposed to keep debris out of your rain gutters. As a result, the guards will lower your quantity of gutter cleaning and save you money in the long run.

You may be wondering if gutter guard can be a DIY installation project, and the answer is yes. Click here to learn more.

Will gutter guards work with a metal roof?Yes, gutter guards can be used with a metal roof; but, because metal roofs shed water more quickly, several varieties of leaf guards can exacerbate the rain water runoff and gutter overrun problem.

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