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Should I Repair Or Replace My Window Screens?

Should I Repair Or Replace My Window Screens?

No matter where you live, your window screens are critical to your safety and comfort. High-quality window screens allow air to circulate throughout your home, reducing the need for additional air conditioning and saving you money. Properly installed window screens can also protect your home by deterring intruders and keeping you and your family safe.

However, window and door screens are known to get small rips and tears. When this happens, you may wonder if it’s best to repair the tiny tears or replace the entire screen. Let’s talk about it below.

Replacement VS Repair

If you discover a small hole or tear in an otherwise solid window screen, a window screen repair kit may be all your need. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, a minor repair can save you money and be a quick fix. 

While some excellent window screen repair kits are on the market, repair is only sometimes the best option. Sometimes minor repairs lead to the need for more fixes. Repairs can often be seen as well and disrupt your screen.

However, replacement is the better option for repairing larger tears and holes. Most patch kits are intended for minor repairs rather than significant issues. 

The risk of patching a large hole or significant tear is too great, especially when the weather warms up and your windows are constantly open. It can also continuously cost you money. If the repair fails and the hole reappears, you may find a swarm of bees or other pests in your home. That broken window screen is also a safety hazard, especially if you have children or pets.

Before attempting any repair, it is critical to inspect the screen thoroughly. If the damage is severe or the hole is large, you should replace the old window screen with a new one.

Call For Help

Contact us today if you have window or door screens needing replacement or repair. Our screen window repair services are professional, affordable, and will last years.

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